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MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality

Running since 2014, the MSc in Serious Games & Virtual Reality is an interdisciplinary programme that focusses on applications of games, games and extended reality technologies beyond simple entertainment. The programme helps students develop the transferable skills to design, develop and analyse games, simulations and extended reality (AR or VR) applications for a range of areas and to conduct interdisciplinary research in the serious applications of games technology, particularly in healthcare, education and training as well as in topics such as immersion and digital storytelling.

As Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other novel interaction technologies are increasingly reaching mainstream adoption, new opportunities for the application of immersive games technologies in engineering, medicine and in the home are putting games and playful learning at the forefront of innovation worldwide.

This showcase highlights some of the work from our fantastic students exploring how games, augmented and virtual reality can support engagement and learning, and how game experiences can affect and reach us emotionally.

Ignant is a game created by Alastair Peat, Christian O'Brien, Maverick Fan, and Daniel Murray. The game tackles willful ignorance through group based discussion. Players earn banana currency by arguing with each other, and spend the bananas to move up the social pyramid. The winner is the player who reaches the top of the pyramid and remains unchallenged for one whole round.

Ignant Board Game Set

The board, rule book, and playing pieces for Ignant; a game about willful ignorance.

Thesis Presentation

This is a short 6 minute video presentation showing my dissertation project "the impact of lighting in a virtual 3D environment on atmosphere and player mood." In my presentation, you will see how the game was made, why I chose this topic, a short demo of the game being played and the results found.

Computer table renders

One of the assets created for my masters project. This computer table asset was created using Maya and textured using Substance Painter. Above you can see the asset fully rendered using Substance Painter's Iray renderer. The wireframe render's were made using Maya's Arnold renderer. The assets style was based on realism and how our modern furniture would look untouched and unused for many year's.

Kitchen Table asset

Another asset created for my dissertation Project. This asset went through the same process as the previous asset during its creation process. It was modelled using Maya and textured using Substance painter. This asset is a mid to low poly asset, above you can see the full render and wireframe of the asset.

Tv and sofa asset

Another asset created for my dissertation Project. This sofa and TV were modelled and and textured to fit my dissertation project's grungy theme. I thought it would be interesting to design a modern sofa and TV, but they had been unused and untouched for many year's. This asset went through the same process as the previous asset during its creation process. It was modelled using Maya and textured using Substance painter. You can see the full render and wireframe of the asset.


These locker's were created for my dissertation project, they are rendered and textured using Substance Painter Iray, modelled using Maya. I felt like the scene needed a pop of colour, so why not use yellow?

Bed prop

This bed was designed to look luxurious and inviting but old and decaying at the same time. When creating these asset's, I found it to be quite enjoyable to create modern furniture, something we are familiar with but with the thought process of "how would this bed (or other furniture) stand to the test of time? What would it look like in a post-apocalyptic world?" This is another mid to low poly asset created for the dissertation project.

Basic props

This piece was created when I was learning on how to use the Substance Painter renderer. During the process, I had learned that I enjoy creating 3D props. This is what inspired me to create further 3D environments and projects.

Humanity and Redemption

This was a passion project during my master's. I wanted to improve my 2D skills by practising different types of skin texture, such as scarring, tattoo's etc. I wanted to create a character who has looked like they has been through a lot; something that people can relate and empathise with.

Humanity and Redemption (Black and Grey version)

This piece wasn't just a focus on the different textures of skin, but a focus on light values and drawing the eye of the viewer to the character.

Sunrise; A previous dissertation project

This piece (a combination of two different styles of portraiture) was my undergraduate dissertation project. This project was also based on mood, just like my master's project. Changing one's mood and opinion on something artistic (be it either 2D or 3D) has always been something that has inspired me.

D&D and it's wonderful fantasy world

This piece was created during a Dungeon's and Dragon's adventure. It depicts all of the player's character and their personalities involved. I have always loved the fantasy genre and the creativity it can bring. Because of this, I have found a passion in Dungeon's and Dragon's; a role-playing game that allows you to create your own adventure.


This is one of my earlier pieces designed during my undergraduate dissertation. Usually you see chibi's (a style of Japanese art) as cute and adorable, this one has a "pouty", "moody" feel to it.

Aren't you just the cutest?

This was originally meant to be a game icon, however due to it's cute design, it soon became it's own completed art piece. It was an enjoyable piece to make as this is not my usual style of art, it was something different and lighthearted to what I normally draw.


Carbon Conundrum Logo


Game Menu


Game Scene View


Shot from emulated altered states via virtual reality

Digitised ASC

Short gif from VR experience


Interior Sketches

Perspectives - Top View

Perspectives Exterior

Difrent perspectives