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Relational Map Outcome


Participatory Workshop Plan

Generative Knitting Motif Software

This software aimed to challenge the origin of knitting motifs routed in family and place by providing an obvious contradiction to traditional methods.

Interactive Fair Isle Swatches

These interactive Fair Isle swatches were part of a digital knitting experiences and embodied insights from the research participants in Shetland. This was part of a display that enabled me to engage with participants and playfully share research insights.

Image of Local Knitters found in the Tangwick Haa Museum, Shetland.

Fair Isle knitting is a highly skilful and specialised craft which was traditionally practiced by women on Shetland. The technique with three needles and a knitting belt allows knitters to 'knit on the go' and to quickly drop the needles to do other forms of work in between.


The three provotypes consisted from left to right of interactive Fair Isle swatches which were based on traditional motifs, a generative motif software which allowed to alter and manipulate the traditional designs, and a set of digital knitting needles which assisted in navigating the new pattern by counting the row and stitches.