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MSc Environmental Architecture

The programme focuses on the relationships and design challenges in producing sustainable low energy, low carbon and healthy environments with a particular emphasis on the innovative design and the delivery of effective building performance to address contemporary challenges in response to the climate emergency.

The programme is distinctive in that it investigates the challenges and contradictions in this field and potential unintended consequences within conventional contemporary design solutions. Students are required to consider of the balance between energy drivers, healthy environments and user needs in achieving high quality architecture.

The programme also builds on the research expertise built up through the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU)

Microclimate of the semi-enclosed building space

This paper studies the microclimate characteristics of the semi-enclosed space on the ground floor of Guangzhou University Library. After a questionnaire survey and simulation using the Integrated Environmental Solution (IES) software, the existence of microclimate in the semi-enclosed space was confirmed. It is found that the microclimate is characterized by slightly warm, high relative humidity, low radiation and high wind speed. At the same time, the direct and indirect reasons for students' preference for the semi-enclosed space are found.