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MSc Product Design Engineering

Welcome to the Product Design Engineering MSc Graduate Showcase.

The PDE MSc programme benefits from a global community of students that are developing a diverse range of concepts. The projects on display demonstrate that they embrace the PDE approach of applying technology to improve the quality of life. This year’s students have approached their projects with enthusiasm, resilience and a level of support for each other that has been incredible to witness. Online tutorials where discussions have spanned continents and oceans have been a regular experience. Opening up emails to view the latest project developments and interacting with a variety of collaborative software titles have redefined the PDE ‘studio’. It is clear that studio, in whatever form it takes can only work with the participation of the occupants. We may well see some of these projects being developed further and launched to market. Projects will be the basis of a portfolio of Design Engineering skills that will result in further study and employability. This is expected of any year, but this year has obviously been different. How this group of students have responded to the challenges is something that the PDE will also be very proud of. The PDE community will undoubtedly benefit from this group and on behalf of the department at the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow, I would like to thank them for an unforgettable stage 3.

Craig Whittet
Head of Department

MSc PDE_Poster_Jinqiao Qin_website

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Project Poster

Dsharps bin

Dsharps bin

Dsharps Bin

Product Features

Design Summary Report

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User journey

Render (Components)

Render (User)

Render (Charger)

Product Scenario

Left: using a contactless payment facility. Top right: brand. Bottom right: Using white noise feature.

Portfolio Poster

Envisioned usage

Concept Generation

Generation and reduction of initial concepts ultimately leading to the main themes and concepts explored through prototyping and material testing

Grow-it-Yourself Consideration

The possibility of grow it yourself shoes was tested as a means of reducing manufacturing waste. A range of grow-it-yourself concepts were discarded due to inconsistent results and material limitations.

Material Selection

The concept selected after material testing was a biodegradable bouldering shoe.

Beyond providing necessary technical specifications, each material selected for the bouldering shoe is biodegradable. Additionally, the fish leather upper is a bi-product of the existing fishing industry and both the cork midsole and natural rubber sole come from renewable plant based sources.

Designed to account for typical wear points of bouldering shoes, Cobble is ideal for beginner boulderers who need a bit of additional durability in their footwear. With an extended natural rubber rand, 5 mm natural rubber sole, and a fish leather upper providing improved strength; Cobble is a shoe designed to support beginner boulderer’s needs. It is comfortable, stylish, and easy to use. With a heel loop and easy lacing system supporting application and removal of the bouldering shoe, a soft chamois inner lining, and cork midsole providing some additional support - Cobble provides comfort and ease of use to beginners along with performance.

The best part about this shoe? Unlike traditional options, this shoe does not need to go to the landfill at its end of life; it is completely biodegradable.

Untitled (130)-2

The Big Bang

Animation showing the OS MHPMV "Hephaestus" exploding. Music Credit: Elliott Cookson

Exploded Diagram

Part List with Drawings

Detailed Views

User Journey-01

Modelling Kit

Design Process Journal

10 page summary highlighting research and design process

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Workflow of design process

Iterations of Feet

With force topology meshes

Load cases of feet


Split toe for lateral propulsion

Detail 2

Fits with industry standard aligners

Side View


User Journey

Display Detail

Storage Detail

Cormac cunningham bell - poster final

Cormac Cunningham Bell - Project Poster

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_01

10 page summary of project (page 1)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_02

10 page summary of project (page 2)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_03

10 page summary of project (page 3)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_04

10 page summary of project (page 4)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_05

10 page summary of project (page 5)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_06

10 page summary of project (page 6)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_07

10 page summary of project (page 7)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_08

10 page summary of project (page 8)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_09

10 page summary of project (page 9)

Cormac Cunningham Bell - 10 page summary_Page_10

10 page summary of project (page 10)

Setaka Smart Display

MSc. PDE Final Project

User Journey Map

Product Overview

Product features and technology

Final Prototype

Opened side view - artifacts can be placed within the display case.

Final Prototype

Lower side view - electrical and lighting compartment design.


"Protector" is a pair of smart rings aim to remind people about their unconscious face-touching behavior and help them to account to 20s for hand washing. It would vibrate for 0.5s to remind you when it detectes that you have the tendency to touch your face. And It also would vibrate for 2s when you wash hands for 20s.

"Protector" rings

Smart rings charging

Three lights would be all lighted when rings fully charged. Once fully charged can be used for 5 days.

Use scenario

When it detect that you have the tendency to touch your face it vibrate for 0.5s to remind you.

Detail of the left ring

Structure and components of the ring

Detail of the smart ring

Background Scenario

Background Scenario, Major Project of Qizhao Peng, MSc PDE

Initial background Imagination which is the base of my design

Design Process Journal

Design Process Journal, Major Project of Qizhao Peng, MSc PDE

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Project Poster

Project Poster, Major Project of Qizhao Peng, MSc PDE

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Sealing principle

Desgin for manufacture and assmbly

Technical analysis for meeting the objectives

ECO UVmask

In response to Covid-19, this sustainable solution consists of two components. A transparent, breathable, high protection mask made of 100% sustainable materials and a portable case that uses UV-C disinfection technology.

The problem

In 2020 the world was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Personal protective equipment has become an essential weapon against the virus. As most countries in the world have made wearing face masks mandatory in indoor spaces and public transports, billions of them are used and discarded on a daily basis. However, most of the masks available contain plastic layers and are for a certain number of uses, while homemade masks are claimed to offer low protection. Therefore, billions of tonnes of non-recyclable mask waste already pollute the environment. There is a high demand for more sustainable solutions in this field, as people should be able to protect both themselves and nature and not have to choose one against the other.

Product overview

An overview with the main components and functions of the product

User journey

A description of how the product is used.

It makes it easy!

Render of the "standard" layout.

Exploded View

Video Prototype

This is a video prototype showing off how this product would work.

3D Printed Prototype

3D Printed Prototype (alternate layout)

Daniel Blake Minstrel A3 Poster

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary Contents

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p1

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p2

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p3

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p4

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p5

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p6

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p7

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p8

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p9

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p10

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p11

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p12

Minstrel Project Process Journal Summary p13



InnerStrength Cricket Body Protector

Product Poster

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Design Process Journal

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How to make essential oil dishwashing detergent.

How to make orange peel dishwashing tool.

More details




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MSc PDE_A0 Poster_Template_example 1

The poster of the final project introduces the use scenarios and details of the product

User journey

Describes the user's using process and the interaction with the product

Detail explosion

Internal exploded view of product assembly position of parts

M-charge point

Vehicle is charging with M - Charge Point

components of M-Charge pile

Technology of M-Charge pile

Internal construction of device

Connect APP with QR code/NFC


TORC - Poster

Journal - Problem Background

Journal - Technology

Journal - User Experience

Journal - Final Product



Split rotatable camera

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folio final-02

folio final-03

folio final-04

folio final-05

folio final-06

folio final-07

folio final-08

folio final-09

folio final-10

folio final-11

Product Interaction

The device syncs directly with the user's smartphone to provide data and alerts about blood sugar and heart rate throughout the day. The user can open the app to view their trends and see their most recent readings.


This product is a scent timer that uses smell to express time and gradually reduces students' procrastination. The Pomodoro clock and time setting function can help users manage time. It can also create environments that belong to different modes so that users can be more focused when studying and more relaxed when resting. Switching between different smells can remind users to change states at the right time, thereby preventing them from delaying their original plan. The product is composed of scent bottle, diffuser and wireless charging board


Procrastination is very common among students. 80%-95% of students say they procrastinate to some extent (Piers, 2007). So my target group is the students aged from 19-25. People have a high demand for reducing procrastination (from because procrastination has adverse effects on students' body and mind (Fuschia, 2002), such as getting bad grades (Ronald, 2016), lack of sleep (Katharina, 2019 ). Also, students with procrastination will feel pressure, distress, and guilt, which can lead to psychological problems (Fuschia, 2006)


This product is mainly used at home. When procrastinator study, the Pomodoro Clock can make him more focused and take a break after 25 mins work. When the procrastinator has a rest, the time setting can prevent him from forgetting time flies and plans because he is addicted to the Internet. There is a video to show how it works (link).




Design for Manufacturing and Assembly