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collage of space concept

Since at least the 20th century, men have been occupying the active position in social development and have treated women unfairly and restricted. In response to these situations, women began to call for equal rights, so they developed feminism. This project started research from the futurism‘s misogynist, and discussed the relationship between male-dominated society and feminism. This collage represents this relationship, and also expresses the opinion from a female futurist Saint-Point that androgynous being is the complete being, which responses to futurism. Therefore this place is for women and people whose gender identify as women to enhance their voice and support them in such a male-dominated society.

site selection

This building is occupied by this project as a masculinity building. Its dark single colour, rough texture and concise lines. Those are masculine features. The author of this painting of this building is Ettore Sottsass, who is a big fan of futurism. This is suitable for my starting point of research. In addition, the shape of this building and several small windows on the walls make the whole building look very private and there is a feeling that the internal space is well protected. This project wanted to use this atmosphere of this building to create a space to “protect” femininity.

plan & axonometric

by referring to a survey about women’s favourite leisure activities and considering project aim,the most important functions of this place are reading area, communication area and garden area. There are only feminism books in this building, people can get mental support by reading. And the communication area provides a place for them to share their experience freely and help each other with their problems. Garden area is not only a decorative area for femininity, but also it's a good way to make people relax by getting closer to nature.

urban outside

village outside

wildness outside

This project isn’t located any specific country, city or street, because, the male-dominated society isn’t some country or city’s characteristic, it is a common situation around the world. Therefore, I set it into three scenarios, one is in a busy city centre, one is in a quiet village, and the other is in wildness. I want to use these three scenarios to represent that women and people whose gender identity as a female can have access to the particular support wherever they are.

reception area

This is the reception area on the ground floor. The whole scene is mainly made of warm pink, with bright yellow and grey-blue as embellishments. These bright colours are selected from my theme colour, the adjusted Futurist Composition. Not only did it respond to my starting point of research, but it also set off the femininity atmosphere. The characters in the picture use sketches by the painter Jean-Antoine Watteau of the Rococo period. In the collage of characters. I use paintings from the Rococo period to enhance the atmosphere of femininity and meet one of the trends of retro-futurism in the inspiration.

mixed reading and communication

This is a mixed area of reading and open communication on the second floor. The objects on the heads of the characters in the picture represent what they are doing. The furniture in this project is all selected from Moooi, the brand's furniture style concept is fusion, suitable for the concept of androgynous of this project. The furniture selected in this scene has the flowing lines required by femininity in form, and the colour matches the atmosphere of the scene. Especially this cute rabbit lamp, under the echo of the garden, brings a relaxed and active atmosphere to space. In the elevator design, it got rid of the traditional elevator form. It borrows the look of frame elevators from ancient times to echo retro-futurism. The size of the elevator is larger than the ordinary elevator, because it has a flower pond on it, making the elevator not only a passage but also a movable garden display area.

cafe area

This is the coffee area on the second floor. This area is accompanied by a small garden, allowing people to enjoy a pleasant snack time in the company of nature. The design of the coffee table echoes the shape of the building and also provides an area for customers to sit and chat. Rose gold metal is used in this area to enhance the femininity atmosphere. Moooi's bird lights not only play a role in lighting in this space, but also make the whole environment full of a feminine fairy tale atmosphere. The shape of the bar stool looks like a female body, which is especially suitable for this space.

reading area

This area is the reading area on the third floor and the semi-open communication area on the fourth floor. The connection between these two areas is a sitting staircase where people can sit and read. All the readings in the reading area are about feminism. These readings can give better spiritual support to people who come here for help. According to statistics, one of the favourite leisure activities of women in reading. Therefore, in this community, the book area regularly organizes reading activities for everyone to communicate and discuss their reading experience. What separates the reading area from the semi-open communication area is not only the height difference of the floors but also the arched pink translucent glass with mottled patterns. The shape of this piece of glass echoes the shape of this building. The colour also matches the style of the wall. Its mottled patterns contrast with the smoother surrounding materials and also enrich the visual effects of the scene behind the glass.

semi-communication area with a garden

This is a semi-open communication area with garden. In this area, Moooi's signature lantern is used. This horse lamp is matched with the garden, setting off the indoor forest-like atmosphere. The carpet chosen is a pattern of flowers tiled, echoing the garden area. The sofa is made of velvet, which highlights the noble femininity. This semi-communication area can accommodate small groups of about 10 people for collective communication. Everyone can express their opinions and opinions equally here, and they can also share their own experiences in social life to help and support each other. In addition, in this area, gardening and flower arrangement activities are also carried out regularly. Help people here to release the pressure accumulated in daily life in a way that is close to nature.

private area