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A Microworld: an Ornamental Filament Contaminates the Surface

Poster and publication realised as the outcome for the last project related to moulds and science. The whole project can be seen as a metaphor for the moulds’ growth. The aim of the project is to make people look at moulds not just as waste, but as the natural and organic form of art they are. The poster is made of satin and there is a central embroidery, hand made. The publication is inspired by laboratory notebook, pieces of record every researcher and scientist write while experimenting. The booklet shows how the fake embroidered moulds grew on satin as if they were real and alive.

Daily Compulsions. The Dialogue Between Flatmates

Publication about the designer and her flatmate F's most personal behaviours, habits, and daily life obsessions. The book describes these private moments through pictures and small texts, written by the graphic designer and her flatmate. The publication is divided into three part: the first one analyses F’s obsessions, the middle one shows the apartment they shared, and the last one is about Giorgia’s own daily rituals.

Anonymous Objects Series

A Series of three small publications. The project aims to rethink about three common objects: receipts, price tags, and transportation tickets by scanning, cutting and using parts of them to create something meaningful and new. The project focuses on letters, numbers, and glyphs’ manipulation which are present on the printed objects themselves.