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Digital Staffa - Audio and Visual Patination

A preview of the interactive prototype. The model of Fingal's cave was created by Shona Noble as part of previous work with the HARPS project. In this play-through, user audio is uploaded by clicking on the seashell and speaking into the computer microphone, and are seen as "sound bubbles" (headphones recommended)

The initial planning of the interactive experience

This short video shows some of the initial storyboarding and design concepts in the planning stages. In the background is an excerpt of Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture plucked on a violin and auralised using Impulse Responses taken from Fingal's Cave. The hexagonal, geometric shapes of the distinctive columnar basalt of staffa inspired the design. Textures of patina on bronze also informed the design and colour palette.

Creating the User-Interface

The design for the user interface was inspired in part by the hexagonal basalt columns of Fingal's Cave, but also by the concept of "Patina" and how this manifests on bronze materials

Design planning

Due to the nautical theme of the subject matter, initial planning for the design of the interactive experience was based on matter such as seashells, rock formations and other associated objects

Cave interior

Initial storyboarding - stylistic interpretation of the interior of Fingal's gave, where user uploads can be displayed and experienced