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ASL Fingerspeller - Presentation Video

This video serves as my presentation of my master's dissertation. It explains the game I made: how to play, how it works, and what were the results of making the game. The game is an educational tool which teaches the player the ASL alphabet and allows them to practice fingerspelling. This game is one of the first to use hand tracking to teach sign language! I hope you enjoy!

ASL Fingerspeller gameplay segment

ASL Fingerspeller Gameplay Demonstration

Another look at the game-play of ASL Fingerspeller.

Ignant is a game created by Alastair Peat, Christian O'Brien, Maverick Fan, and Daniel Murray. The game tackles willful ignorance through group based discussion. Players earn banana currency by arguing with each other, and spend the bananas to move up the social pyramid. The winner is the player who reaches the top of the pyramid and remains unchallenged for one whole round.

Ignant Board Game Set

The board, rule book, and playing pieces for Ignant; a game about willful ignorance.

PokéWave - A diorama made in Unity

This is my first ever project in Unity. It shows off some simple interactions in an art style I particularly enjoy.

IconaDrive - A cyber racing game

IconaDrive is a cyber racing game created by Daniel Murray and Christian O'Brien. You are a data runner, traveling from node to node searching for a packet to pickup before delivering it to its final destination. But watch out for hackers, and don't fall off the track or you'll lose your data!