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ECO UVmask

In response to Covid-19, this sustainable solution consists of two components. A transparent, breathable, high protection mask made of 100% sustainable materials and a portable case that uses UV-C disinfection technology.

The problem

In 2020 the world was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Personal protective equipment has become an essential weapon against the virus. As most countries in the world have made wearing face masks mandatory in indoor spaces and public transports, billions of them are used and discarded on a daily basis. However, most of the masks available contain plastic layers and are for a certain number of uses, while homemade masks are claimed to offer low protection. Therefore, billions of tonnes of non-recyclable mask waste already pollute the environment. There is a high demand for more sustainable solutions in this field, as people should be able to protect both themselves and nature and not have to choose one against the other.

Product overview

An overview with the main components and functions of the product

User journey

A description of how the product is used.

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