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‘Death Literacy’ is a project inspired by my recent personal experience with bereavement and the resulting realisation that myself and many others are ill prepared to deal with death. The project explores how people can start developing death literacy; having the knowledge, understanding, skills, and confidence to support yourself and others in achieving a good death at the end of life.

Three key areas emerged for developing death literacy, which ended up being central to the proposed concept of a role-playing card game about the end of life.

I’m a designer with a background in psychology who is passionate about finding ways of promoting and improving people’s health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in my work, do get in touch via the links below.










“To discover the kinds of questions you should be asking, sometimes this can take an incredibly long time.” – Anna Tsing

My work is about memory, the past, and how they are intertwined. I’m fascinated with everyday objects, brief moments, and all the days that never get photographed and are forgotten, lost or thrown away­; how our memory can be awakened with the right keepsake.

I’m working on an archive of Isolation & Limitation, building on previous work that got interrupted by the pandemic. With the archive, I explore different ways of documenting transition to a new way of living. I’m photographing debris and creating charcoal rubbings of surfaces – observing the repetition of daily chores, joys and sorrows experienced when the future is uncertain.

During the process, I’ve explored if lost memories are missed opportunities or the process of letting go. What questions can be answered by revisiting the past? And what role should the past have when every day is unpredictable.










Welcome to the degree show!

I am Alysha Monaghan and I have always had a passion for games, art and creating mood through art. This is why I based my master’s dissertation project on video game’s lighting and how that can affect our mood. The project had two different environments that shared the same game assets (that I made) but with different lighting. I had based one of off the scene’s lighting from the horror genre in cinema and games, while the other environment was designed to be more calming. If you want to find out more about the project, feel free to click the video on the right. Here is a link to the game if you wish to download it. It comes with instructions on how to download and play the game. This is the same link the participants used to test the project:

In this post, you will see various different artworks I have made, not all of them are related to my dissertation project. Some of the artwork were passion pieces created outside of my time in the GSA. The types of artwork you will see are all digital,  however I have a traditional background in art and an honours degree in Computer Games Art and Animation. This has driven me to create and improve as an artist both in 2D and 3D digital art. Many of the artworks are inspired by my love of dark fantasy, horror and post-apocalyptic games. I am largely inspired by Fallout, Dragon Age and Silent Hill. I would love to work on a project, or for a company that makes games and art similar to the games mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy what you see here. If you have any question’s, feel free to contact me through the provided links.