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Open Day

Live Chat – Financing Your Studies

These events form a series to replace the Information Hall at our physical open day. There will be one or two a day throughout the OpendayLIVE week.

You will be able to join the chat at:

Financing postgraduate study is not as straight-forward as undergraduate study and often involves quite a bit of time spent in trying to find and access funds.

Staff at this chat will be able to answer questions on:

Scholarships and the application process
Postgraduate loans
Finance available through PSAS for studying at PG level
where you can look for other financial support
bursaries and other financial support available
Students intending to study the Diploma in Architecture should note that this programme is funded as an undergraduate programme so unless they have taken a large break between UG and PG they will continue to be eligible for funding through SAAS, SFE, SFW or SFNI if they were eligible at UG level. If you have any questions about this, come along to this session.