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Personal privacy protection on social media

Explore the gap between privacy attitudes and privacy behaviors

We are continually experiencing social network privacy leaks. In this case, users should pay attention to their privacy and avoid disclosing their personal information on the Internet. But they did not do so. This is called the "privacy paradox." These are all self-perception biases that lead to these dangerous behaviors. This is also the root cause of the user's privacy attitude in the "privacy paradox" phenomenon because users did not realize that this behavior has potential risks and wrong privacy protection methods. Internet police studio is a leisure and entertainment space that combines online platforms and offline cafes. It aims to help the public raise awareness of privacy protection and understand the value of personal privacy. The studio's official account provides content sharing about privacy experience, real cases, protection methods, and online service consultation with the Internet police. At the same time, the cafe is the offline platform of the internet police studio. Users can get a cup of coffee by sharing their experiences, and they can also communicate with the online police and other users one-on-one offline. In the future, users can also participate in offline workshops, online privacy lectures, or experience some privacy risk mini-games.