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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
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Concept image

Re-newing the faith space by the extension of a person’s willingness.

The aim of incense investigation

A faith, a sense, a temporary scenario... And the personal response on body and space.

Site analysis

The small temple located in my community, which is meaningful for me to analyze what emotions does it bring.

My sensory praying

What emotions does it bring out in mine?

Incense smoke investigation

A bunch of incense constitutes the continuous fog, which provides a diverse form of my actions. I realized that the extension of my willingness finally builds the temporary scenario via the medium of smoke.

Site experiments at different timelines

The environment provides the light effects, the direction of the wind and the heating feeling, which build the density, the height, and the colour of the smoke perspective.

Personal activating on the site engagement

I interrogated the medium of smoke as an extension of our body's willingness to re-shape the religious space, which could be seen as a new aura of our faith, to re-define the divine place, activating our belief of surrounding.

The temporary panorama at noontime

The perspective of noontime ( alley)

The perspective at noontime( worship space)

Viewing high of your faith

Re-shaping the religious space by personal aura

Another prototyping

The incense accessories- The extension of our body willingness.

The extension of our willingness.

The response of our emotional reflection.