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70-90 means 1970s to the 1990s in China. In this project, I chose an organization or individual to represent each decade; in the 1970s I chose the The No Name Painting Association, in the 1980s I chose Xiamen Dada group, and in the 1990s I chose Wang Gongxin and his wife to represent Chinese experimental art. The purpose of this project is to be today's Chinese artists, we need to look back at how the artists of the last century survived in a harsher environment, and how they met their artistic value in the rapidly changing social background.

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Films in 1994

This book contains all the movies released in 1994. The concept of this project is very simple: Turn the virtual information on the Internet into material in physical form to oppose the trend of digitization of books and record the movie history.

Films in 1994-1

Films in 1994-2

Golden era 1 - “celebration original”

The main theme of the whole project is that I want to reproduce the golden age of Chinese contemporary art at the end of last century and let people reflect on the artistic environment in China today. Under this general concept, there are three paintings created from different background events. The first one came from the movie , the second came from the protest by Chinese artists in 1979, and the third came from the burning of works by Xiamen Dada group. Each series will use different methods to express the same thing.

Golden era 1 -"political pop celebration"

This work is based on the original celebration, using the style of the most popular style -political pop in China in the 1980s.

Golden era 1 -"cartoon celebration"

Cartoonism quickly entered China in 1990s, and Keith Haring's style and works were particularly prominent. So I used his style to adapt the original work.

Golden era 2 - "want art free"

Although traditional Chinese painting has gradually declined since the 1990s, there are still artists such as Xu Bing and Gu Wenda who re-use ink elements to create and blend with Western modern art. This work was completed with this creative method. "Want art free" was completed in 1979 when Chinese artists protested because of the cancellation of the exhibition. I wanted to reproduce this with new forms of ink and abstract images; in order to warn contemporary artists not to be stuck by the market and money.

Golden era 2 - Cartoon style "want art free"

Golden era 3 - "Fire"

Similarly, this work is also based on a historical event. In the 1986, China’s former art group Xiamen Dada burned its works in the square to protest against the art environment where there was no art gallery or government support at that time. This work uses cynical realism in style, and it was first seen in 1991 by artist Fang lijun.

Golden era 3 - "Fire"

Cynical realism and Gu wenda's new ink style