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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
Tomorrow 15:00 GMT

Window extension 1

The prototype design of the window extension can be adjusted according to different Windows and space size, to achieve a more flexible external space for the residences.

View through the frame

From the opening of the device itself and the hollow form of the external bridge space, zoom out visual sense is formed, which represent the concept of ‘aperture’, but it could also be a ‘Pause button’ for people to get access or not

Extension for working leisure

This space expresses the concept of a ‘security blanket ’, and the picture shows the leisure time during work. From this point of view, the translucent glass acts as a vague protective barrier.

Elevation_2 Night

Functional changes can provide new entertainment for surrounding residents at night

Overlook of the bridge function between the two residential building

The bridge is a connection and expressed the ‘loop’ idea when people are standing in there, they been in the centre of the surrounding buildings, which represent the ‘pause button’ concept, to have a thinking of how to ‘being’ in the space.