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The theoretical approach of stage 3 project is about the Decoloninsg design, whether decolonising the African culture, or decolonising female from patriarchy societies. Respectful design is and design for humanity, appreciating the cultural values. The aim of this thesis is to reveal the intangible African heritage through a feminist perspective.

Cultural Objects Material Exploration

Decolonising the land _African material .

I created a new_ ritual material_ for the nomads , the material is portable , can be make and remake which suites the nomadic mobile life, and also representing their identity.

diconstrut the exsisting form

New configuration for the cultural material. and form.

predicting female future through objects

shapes inspiration

rituals as material _space as objetcs

Most of the African nomads _the female is the responsibility to build the tent. the material used is the experiments material

Decoloninsing Mind _Body_Land

In some African tribes, coffee making has a process, ceremonies. I used this as a theme of this visual