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cyber final chapter,final judgment Hundreds of years later, human consciousness can be digitized and stored by coding (such as "USB flash disk"), the body can be strengthened with drugs, or the limb stem can be replaced by a dummy body, and even the brain can be transformed and strengthened. The body is like a computer, and people can change their body at will. At this time, human beings have basically said goodbye to human death, but people's life has not become better. Technology makes people happy, but also makes people lost in the illusion. Good bodies are upgraded to legal goods for sale. The nobles and the rich were more and more desirous. They can choose and upgrade their excellent institutions at will, while those who can't can only wait for distribution and forced acceptance. Such a back door is reborn, but it loses the qualification of normal life. The era of using money to decide life is doomed to be an unfair era. Society is torn apart by technology, with those in power at the top and the poor struggling to pace. When the person in power breaks the contract, justice and fairness no longer exist, which may cause social unrest, such as violent homicide and robbery. People's desire is expanding and they want to control everything. In the extreme technological environment, human nature is exposed completely. Indulgence and destruction, the prosperity of science and technology has brought great spiritual emptiness. When material and desire are saturated, human beings themselves are becoming more and more impure, losing themselves, who I am. What is the meaning of life? In the cyberspace after the disappearance of human body, can the final rational technology provide justice? Are life forms of different races equal? Can we eliminate the social class label? The project attempts to awaken humanity towards peace and equality, and to rethink their rights and meaning, to see pure self. Warn mankind, the vastness of the universe and the smallness of mankind, we need to treat the world with compassion. Human society must one day truly realize freedom, equality and justice.

conceptual proposal

Inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy and Buddhist thoughts, the "cyber God" (super database) formulated rules that must punish crime (Dante's principle of proportionality between crime and punishment) and purification of the soul. Just like Buddhism, bad people go to hell when they die. The soul is forced to accept the ultimate rational technology to provide a fair and just trial. This is the salvation of the soul, and in the end it is to find a pure self in a pure land and treat everything in the universe in awe.

design detial

Created an almighty cyber god by using movie and animation elements, metaphors technology as a god. The body of Cyber God is divided into four platforms. There is a special elevator in the spine that can only descend, and the humanoid soul enters the space by the elevator. At the first level of judgment, the soul takes the memory of life into space to receive it and be judged by God. In the second hell, those who are condemned by God will be punished relatively, and those who have not sinned go directly to purgatory. The third level of purgatory is a factory that purifies people’s seven desires and washes the soul. The fourth level is heaven, there is no beauty, no ugliness, no good and evil, all beings are equal, without distracting thoughts.


At the end of the cyber, the soul has undergone self-discipline and tempering to face the parallel universe with its best appearance. Peace, fairness, equality and good results. The virtual society maps and magnifies the real society, and the real society derives and nourishes the virtual society. I hope the conceptual virtual space design can awaken human beings and reflect.