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Selected works

"Unsexing" edition

This booklet was made during stage 3, on female artistes who were pushed aside or erased from art history for many years. This booklet ask also the questions on how should we give these artists justice without marginalises, pigeon holes and isolates them from movements and influences. As for the title, it's a word from a quote from an art critic on women artistes, saying that becoming an artist would unsex women. The wire'O binding was chosen to highlight that the booklet isn't finished because the conversation and these issus are not.

Untitled collection

This collection of zine is on the theme “censorship”. It's called the “Untitled collection”, reflecting on erased content. The first publication would tackles censorship in Hollywood cinema, the Hays code, which were rules on what to show in movies that studios had to follow and what were its effects on cinema.

Accompanied with this publication, would be a small index on marketing and branding of products in movies.The ideas of this small index was tackle, products placements in the movie industrie. Products placements was encouraged in films, it could help considerably, the sales of an items, but the products must be seen in a positive light. This small edition pokes fun of about this and the ways it is presented to us. It shows photo montages of famous movies scenes and integrates random products.

12 edition workshop

During a workshop, the students had to work on a existing object 12 times or more. The project was to intervene on torn posters around the city of Glasgow. Animation was chosen as the main medium of intervention, to complete the missing parts of these posters.

A page instagram was created with the images of different posters with the geographical locations so people can find the poster and see the evolution of time of these objects. Instagram page :


One of her main studio project, was on “abandoned places” around in Glasgow. She used wallpaper and bichromatic visuals to create a pattern of their history inspired by the Toile-de-Jouy motifs. The red represents the past and the blue the current state. You only have to play with the colour acetate papers to see the different patterns.

Accompanied by this is a small booklet where you will find the chronological history of the building. In this example, the building in question is St Peter Seminary.

There will a possible continuation on the project. Mainly focusing on Lennox Castle and other vacated spaces.

Illustrations on the theme disconnected

The idea of these illustrations was to use the space occupied during quarantine, to illustrate our state of mind verse reality outside of our safety bubble.It approaches different forms of disconnections: The first being sound, we are describing physically a natural landscape which gives the illusion of a holiday on what seems to be a sort of island. Until a form of rupture with the sound of ambulance and the evocation of the impact of the COVID-19 virus. We cannot see anything, we can only hear and imagine. The images plays also a key role in the narration, it shows our daily routine, but something seems off and the text highlight this with the sounds described the images and the sounds are telling to different stories.