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The Post Pandemic Landscape

The short animation circulates the significances of the research outcomes. In particular, the visual journey through the four ministries reflects the social ideology realised in the research.

The Theory: Bio-politics

The illustration created by the author shows the historical development of bio-politics.

The Concept Collage

The concept combines the visual elements collected amid the pandemic and reinvents a new spatial language.

The Graphical Pattern

The graphics are decomposed and reorganised as a new parttern.

The Site Reference

The design has taken four locations in Glasgow as references for the creation of the four ministries.

The Experimental Model

The physical model has explored the food distribution machine in the ministry of plenty.

Food Distribution Machine

A short animation created by the author has further examined the idea of the food distribution system.

Party Slogan

The party slogan: isolation is health; freedom is arrogance; obedience is safety.

Ministry of Love

People gather in the ministry of love showing their appreciation to the party. The televised programme, Daily Briefing, keeps update news about COVID-19.

Ministry of Plenty: Food Collection

Due to the lockdown, the supply chain has been disrupted. People are only allowed to obtain their 'fake' food and drink through the tiny window once in a day.

Food Collection Machine Drawing

The drawing shows the structure and construction of the machine in detail.

Ministry of Truth

Following the extreme 'social-distancing rule', physical contact should be terminated in the workplace. The installations have discouraged interaction and collaboration; it has implemented the 'one-way system'.

Ministry of Peace

As there is neither vaccine nor cure, people with symptoms of COVID-19 are isolated in the ministry of peace.

The Room 105

Room 105, same as a few other hundreds within the ministry of peace, is the 'best' place for the patients. It has provided 24-hour 'medical observation' by the CCTV camera, and the latest Daily Briefing.