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Footage | age of the foot

The publication Footage | age of the foot offers an introduction to the world of feet through the contributors’ and my interpretation – which is a limited interpretation that results from choices I’ve made, and discussions I’ve had, and could be supplemented in the future. Serious articles balance absurd and entertaining visual contents. They are ordered through objects feet-related, sorted alphabetically. This experimental magazine uses different visual languages and plays alternatively with posters’ layout and newspapers’ layout. To “jump” in this world of feet, visit the website or order a copy of the magazine by dropping me an email to



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Gathering tomorrow

After months of lockdown and uncertainty for the future, the idea of gathering is one of the main issue. “How are we experiencing movement restriction, social distancing, isolation, slowness, quietness, emptiness, and fear? What's our take on human-nature relationship? What philosophical insights can we draw from this peculiar moment in our modern history?” (from A Dance Mag). The performance Gathering tomorrow focuses on the atmosphere of a gathering after lockdown, on the idea of being allowed to stand, to be on our feet to meet and dance again. Above, a score of the dance is presented as a baseline before collaborating with dancers. The publication shows some visual references and some drawings of movements to understand the framework of the dance, split into 5 parts. This interactive zine is meant to be used by dancers who can write and draw on it to add any relevant suggestion. In the future, the performance will be filmed to create a video as a final outcome.


An experimental short film by Nina Klaff and Pauline Levy. Voiceover: Nina Klaff. Music: Jamiro den Enting.

Pictionary during isolation

A poster made with some drawings from Skribbl, an online Pictionary, played during isolation. In collaboration with Nina Klaff and Giorgia Tonolo.

Pause or pay campaign