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Difficulties of isolation

Lockdown has been affecting all aspects of domestic life including our spaces.


Curating a "recipe book" or "survival kit" for isolation: a series of means to deal with the various factors that impede communication, as well as methods of combining them tailored to different imagined living situations. While the factors hindering communication are extremely complex, they can be grouped in four main categories: Isolation, Communication, Safety and Privacy.

Expanding the space

Isolation and confined environments lead to the use of technology to access new environments. This new territory exists at the intersection of virtual and physical.

Digital translations

Experiments made with 3D scanning of a room allow for the physical to be translated into virtual. This makes possible the sharing of spaces with no actual contact.

Cleaning frenzy

The relationship between space and hygiene informs the visual language of the home as well as the integration of technology in the environment. From sterilising devices to drone delivery or a virtual assistant that cheeks and reminds you of the steps to take when entering the home.

A multisensory experience

Good communication involves all of the senses: scent reproduction devices and motion sensor clothing alleviate the sense of distance when communicating with loved ones.

Using exterior spaces

Lacking a designated working space can be challenging. For some the obvious choice is to expand the limitations of their space, using the backyard.


Sometimes we need time apart: spending lockdown with others makes it imperative to have options for reconfiguring and separating the space.

Museum at home

Social life is moved to the domestic space that becomes art exhibition, theatre venue, fashion show or any other event that it needs to be.

Virtual dinner party

In times when the physical presence of others in the home is not allowed technology makes it possible to once again have guests, blurring the line between virtual and physical.