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My initial motivation is from the multicultural phenomenon driven by immigration. Although many communities are diverse in their population components, the space of the community still retains the independence of a certain cultural phenomenon, rather than the integration of various cultures. This gives me more expectation about the multicultural community space. Specifically, I chose the multicultural community in Guangzhou as my research background, the target group are mainly the local Cantonese and Nigerian.

Collage of buildings in Lagos (Nigeria) and Guangzhou (China)

Elements composition

For the further design, I made a series of models which deconstruct the cultural symbols and it’s a catalogue of artefacts extracted from Nigerian/African and local Cantonese/Chinese culture, they are recreated as architectural elements of the project.

Redefining the community

The theory I used in this project is about the 'Event Space' proposed by Tschumi. I hope to be able to explore larger aspects from a broader perspective, through describing a narrative and exaggerated multicultural community through overall planning, so as to express a vision of cultural coexistence. The community is planned as a whole in the composition form of points, lines and planes, and the long corridor runs through the community, connecting various areas, and creating multi-centre and multi-directional layout. Five event spaces are dispersed in the community in the form of points, therefore to encouraging people's engagement and activate the community.

I would like to design a community that is different from the traditional sense. In this fantasy complex community, there are shops, restaurants, food street, residences, social spaces, performance space, activity space, etc.