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Research part

Desk Research about Culture and history of bikes in China

Filed research

Co-design workshop

This is the first time for me to ran a workshop. I invited four participants to discuss the development of bicycles in China and their own views on bicycles. And asked them to draw an unforgettable story about themselves and bicycles.In this process, I defined problems and brainstormed with participants to find solutions.


My final outcome is a cycling cafe, which is a place that workers often go to, so that more workers can know about cycling through this medium. There are many advertisements of cycling activities in the cafe, and people can book their favorite cycling activities and rent bikes. At the end of the activity leave the feedback of the activity. In the future, I hope that through social media to let more people understand and participate in the Bike Cafe. It can be distributed in every corner of the city. Get communities, companies and government cooperation and support. Also I hope to have the opportunity to work with more bike groups and organizations to provide people with more colorful bicycle activities. Finally, improve Bike Cafe together.