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Don't Forget There's More

A countries development and welfare are being evaluated with only one indicator - the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The only way for a company to be successful and rewarded is following one goal - Profit. The purpose of the economy to serve people‘s welfare is being overshadowed by growth. The chase after this has in fact helped society to overcome many challenges but it has also resulted in the climate crisis, the largest gap between rich and poor that ever existed, and other impasses; and is now more than obsolete. Redefining success and specifying indicators that reflect the real welfare of our system is crucial for shifting the economy away from the chase that fuels the climate crisis and is not serving a long-term vision. That requires zooming out, turning around, and internalising that, where now is only one way, there lie many other and better possibilities. “Don’t Forget, There’s More” aims to create a sense of these turnarounds, using metaphors in order to help the growth of attachment towards the greatness of change and possibilities.

Reshaping Realities

>For Growing Welfare<

Reshaping Realities also addresses the need for different goals in our economic system. Getting there requires rethinking the entire system and shifting perspectives away from the known and towards imagination. It investigates those possibilities by modifying ordinary objects into a new purpose and meaning.

>For Approaching Goals Differently<

>For Taking Care Of Every Sector<

>For Measuring What Counts<

>For Looking Beyond<

An Endless Line Is A Circle, Not A Line

Since the days of industrialisation our economy model has hardly changed: it still follows the pattern “take-make-dispose” - a linear model of resource consumption. In the face of the climate crisis, fired by the current culture of consumerism, it is hard to believe that this is evolving only very slowly. In order to produce products and services environmentally friendly the “take”-“dispose” simply have to be connected - creating a circular economy. It replaces the “end-of-life” concept with regeneration and restoration, staying within planetary boundaries. An Endless Line Is A Circle, Not A Line explores the concept of the circular economy, the vision of transformation, circularity, and energy flow in abstract drawings.

Exploration Imagination

With these experimental drypoint etchings I explored the possibilities of imagination that lies within the creation of new forms, landscapes and atmospheres.

Milo's Discovery

This picture book for children was a project I pursued on the side, just for the sake of enjoying illustration. The pictures shown here are a selection of more. In collaboration with Katherine Wright (Text).