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Using Ambisonic Surround Sound to Enhance Player Experience in 3D Games

This project investigated how Ambisonic surround sound can improve a player's immersion and enjoyment of a 3D game. A 3D game, Pirate Ship Revenge, was developed using Ambisonic spatialisation techniques then tested by members of the public. Participants in the study tested two versions of the game, a binaural mix and a stereo mix, then compared their experiences of the two games through an online survey. The results from this survey suggest that players can successfully tell the difference between a binaural game and a stereo game, and felt more immersed by, and thus preferred, the binaural game.


Which version did you prefer?

How often do you play videogames?

Are you a musician or have experience working with audio?

Which did you think was stereo and which was binaural?