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Extension Structure Typology

The expanded structural typology was derived from the architectural concept of space expansion: Parasitic Architecture. Through the case study, spatial expansion methods were classified by type. Among the types, folding, modular and sliding are usually attached to the facade using wood or concrete, expanding the space in a rigid and robust way/manner, but it was difficult to meet the definition of 'Flexibility'. This conclusion led the way to explore the inflatable structure.

Conceptual Collage

The collage abstractly shows design idea about space expansion during a pandemic. The concept of the expansion proposes sets of direction with what architectural elements to use and how to expand them presented an important direction for conclusions. In response to this, a flexible housing by expanding the space through an inflatable structure using an architectural element called a window by synthesizing previous studies. There are many architectural elements such as chimneys, pipes, and windows, but considering that there are differences in architectural elements according to various cultures and lifestyles, expansion through the largest common elements was pursued regardless of these differences. The window is another door that connects the outside and the inside and is an essential element that exists in the residential space. The inflatable structure was also decided in that it could be used in a variety of residential spaces and situations regardless of this.

Exploded Axonometric

Exploded axonometric is an representation of how the structure is attached to a building through a window. Inflatable bubbles require several steps to attach to the building. First, the Window Frames Holder can be secured to the window frame using a screw and a screwdriver to put the pole on the holder. These fixed structures are connected with the inflatable structure through the string. The support is connected to a pole fixed to the window frame to minimize movement of the bubble. The bubble is made for 1-2 people and the maximum weight is 90kg. Furthermore, for use in various situations and groups, the windows have zippers to connect with other structures.

System Diagram

The system describes how Inflatable Structure receives power to build the space. Helium is lighter than oxygen, so it can give more power to support the weight more than oxygen. Also, using the principle of an electric air pump, helium pump in the room transmits energy to the structure outside through the tube. The bubble has a double structure that prevents helium from entering the occupied space.

Helium Circulation System Diagram

A system of helium circulation is applied to prevent releasing helium from the structure over time. Applying the same principle of an air pump, it is a system that continues to circulate as helium inflating from one tube and helium deflating from the other.

Scenario Illustration

This illustration is expressed by imagining how people use the bubbles and how they can create new way of communication in their life. People can read or meditate in a quiet bubble and feel like away from home for a while. Children can sometimes bring their friends and play like their own den. They can also use connecting zipper to play with their neighbors. In the park, people can safely enjoy their time being outside by using the bubble as a tent to get their own space.


Collages are a representation of the bubbles used in various types of buildings, such as housing, flat, villa, and high-rise. It effectively shows the flexible spaces can be used in various places and situations. In the collages, you also can find connected the bubbles using the connecting zipper.


Further Suggestion_User Guide

The images represent the user guide included in the bubble kit. A kit like IKEA's furniture is considered as a further suggestion for the inflatable bubble to make it easier for more people to use this structure. This practical thinking has led the way to imagine other parts such as a step stool that can be used to enter the bubble.