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What is this?

Bam bam platform

The goal of this website is to show heterosexual men new behaviours through sexual educational content free of violence against women, encouraging men to accept themselves as they are and not as media wants them to be. The features that the website will have are: Film, About, Community, Blog and Be one of us community.

Be a man Kit

The kit is conformed by: The be a man handbook, a model of male and female sexual organs that help the user to know more about the parts that conform them, and are going to be used to do exercise like how to put a condom; lubricant and “the safe man pocket pack” that is a small wallet with condoms to encourage protection.

Be a man kit

The handbook will be developed with the help of sexologist, phycologist and based on men experience about the taboos and stigmas, and how can we break with this model to stop toxic behaviour that can be translated in violence. The handbook will have, exercises of self-awareness and communication, test to evaluate your behaviours and knowledge and information about pleasure.

Process map

A description of all the process for this project.

Service Design Blue print

Future of the project

The future impact for this project will be developed another platform for women with the same core idea, change the mindset about what is to be a woman. And ones this to the platform had enough reaction will be transformed in source for human behaviours that will have information for both genders.

Web Journey

This diagram explains all the features of the platform and what is the information you can find.

Stakeholders map

This is a general view of all the stakeholders involved in this project, from the expert's stakeholders area, I had the chance to interview Alicia Delicia (sexologist and adult film actress), Claudia de la Garza, Eréndira Derbez (writers of the book No son micro: Machismos cotidianos), Mia Davis (CEO of Talk Tabu), Paula Manners (Rosey Project) and Robert Jensen (Teacher, writer and participant as an expert in the Netflix documentary: Liberated, the new sexual revolution) and more.