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Death & grief in the digital age

Initial research findings

based on informal conversations, literature review, and expert interviews

Understanding of what grief is Experience map and mourning practices with and without digital technologies Digital legacy and second-loss anxiety (Basset)


Participants had the possibility to bring an element that they keep in memory of a lost loved one to the interview. These artifacts, wether physical or digital, became a basis for conversation.

Qualitative research

Insights from participant interviews

Four grievers were interviewed about their experience with digital commemorative artifacts.


narrowing down

Research on data storing technologies

Can digital last forever?

What can be done?

Participatory research

Co-designing with grievers

Co-design workshop outcome

Priority map

Feasibility check

Computer science expert interview


very very very very low-fi storyboard prototype

This concept brings digital memories into the physical world

Service map

Draft of a service map

What's next?

Prototyping using 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and programming. Organizing a workshop with the Association Empreintes (Paris, France). Research on the symbolism of objects and research on shapes.